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The resulting Cookbook-in-a-Day is a delightful series of stories, fictional or non-fictional relating to the dishes created. Having asked all those who did contribute if they would be willing to record their stories for Talking of Food, here are the ones we have received. They were all recorded by the authors using whatever technology they had access to and in whatever environment they could make their recording.

Pasta Poco Vesto by "gr"

A new love, a lonely cottage far from civilisation, and something needs to be prepared for supper. But there are tomatoes, herbs, olive oil, a cache of pasta … Is this fiction, or did gr make his Pasta Poco Vesta in a lonely cottage?

Magic Fried Chicken by Sophia Wickham

As a child, the annual long drive to Sophia's grandmother's house in Slovakia was made special by the "Magic Fried Chicken" that her mother made for the journey, that is until that time when on the return journey to the UK…

Banana Bread by "Camy"

How do you get companies to stop cold-calling you? "Camy" found the answer while making Banana Bread as part of the Cookbook-in-a Day event.


Potage Garbanzos Bacalao by "WingNWing"

A cooking-averse chemist learns to love cooking in spite rocking work-surfaces and communication hiccups, through working under a Spanish chef on a reproduction tall ship.

Remember, "Cookbook in a Day", with more stories and recipes, is available for download in PDF, ePUB and MOBI versions.


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