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Just heard that a Danish restaurant has been voted the world's top eatery. Amongst other offerings they serve carrots with the soil still on them so that "you can reconnect with the earth".

I was somewhat taken aback to discover that a local deli/restaurant has started charging for a glass of tap water.

I always look forward to February 1st each year following my monthly abstinence from all kinds of alcohol during the preceding month. I feel it's only fair to give my liver and perhaps, more importantly, my mind a rest from the highs and lows which invariably follow after excessive tippling over the festive season.

Unseasonal warm weather heralded in January 2016 was quickly followed by an icy wind that swept away some of our better known chefs and restauranteurs. One by one top names announced closures, Claude Bosi, Mark Hix, Richard Caring, Allegra McEvedy and others all put up 'For Sale' signs. Even the high priest of politically correct eating, Ottolenghi, was forced to shutter his Covent Garden eatery...

Once again it’s all change. It’s now apparently dangerous not to eat fat when just yesterday it did terrible things to your heart and cholesterol levels…

Kazuo Ishiguro, prize winning author of Remains Of The Day, has just voiced his sympathy and support for the disdained cliche.

With this in mind, plus our national obsession with food, here is a short piece which might have been conceived by Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett had they been alive today.

Sainsbury’s attempt at a Persian inspired dish has been described as ‘casual racism’, and Jamie Oliver has been accused of cultural appropriation over his "Jerk rice". This has set up some interesting questions…