The Rich Tradition

The video series The Rich Tradition, based on Elisabeth Luaed's book European Peasant Cookery, was broadcast in the early 1990s. It was directed by Carmelo Musca of CM Film Productions. In Revisiting "The Rich Tradition", Elisabeth Luard gives an updated introduction to the series.

The Rich Tradition: Mull

After looking at the fundamentals of peasant cookery and traditions, Elisabeth Luard goes on to describe the cookery and traditions on the Scottish island of Mull in the Inner Hebrides, which was her home for many years.

The Rich Tradition: Andalucia

For a number of years, Elisabeth Luard lived with her young family in Andalucia in Southern Spain.This second episode of "The Rich Tradition" series follows her as she revisited Andalucia, with its traditions of fiestas, dating back in many cases to before the beginning of the Christian Era and its cuisine based on local produce and influenced by the centuries of Moorish rule.

The Rich Tradition: The Ruthines

The Ruthines—also spelt Ruthenes—are an ethnic minority originally from the Ukraine who became stranded in north-east Czechoslovakia—in what is now Slovakia—at the time of the break up of the Soviet Union.

The Rich Tradition: Mediterranean seafood

 For the whole of human history in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea has been a major source of food for the peoples round its shores. This remains as true today as ever, in spite of the threats of over-fishing and the introduction of alien species. In this episode, Elisabeth Luard visits Mediterranean ports in Italy and France.

The Rich Tradition: France

 Provence in south-eastern France, where Elizabeth Luard also spent time with her young family is well known for it's local culture and traditions. The region is rightly proud of it's history, traditions, cuisine and wines.