There are a number of recipes which have come from interviews, which contributors have included, or which we have put up during events like the Euro2020 Competition. They are all gathered together here.



chicken soup 

A Year in Chicken Soup

Aubergines Parmigiana
Chicken Kiev
Chicken Tikka
Danish Fruit Soup
Eel Pie
Frankfurter and Potato Salad
Imam Bayildi
Quiche Lorraine
Seafood Paella
Seafood Risotto
Summer Pudding
Swiss Cheese Tart
Bengali Chicken Curry
Da's Cambodian Chicken Soup
Ghanaian Nkatenkwan
Hassan's Shakriyah
Jewish Penicillin
Kniedlach (matzah balls)
Mexican Pozole

food in lit

Food in Literature 

reza mahammad intro

Reza's Recipes

Alpine Mushroom Soup
Beef Tea
Pink Chicken
Quaker Oats Pyramids
Salmon Starter
Soft Roes on Toast
Chicken Tikka
Cucumber Raita
Lamb Petis
New Style Bunny Chow

patrice cauchard

Patrice Cauchard's Recipes


Recipes from CookBook-in-a-Day

Guinea Fowl Vallée d'Auge
Leek and Camembert Tartlet

Magic Fried Chicken
Potage Garbanzos Bacalao
Banana Bread
Pasta Poco Vesto
Drunken Greens
Dutch Babies
Sautéed Beet Greens Appetiser


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