Food Acupuncture: the vitamins

The next articles in our series on vitamins, minerals and supplements by Professor Oya Alpar will be on the vitamins.

Professor Alpar introduces the series in the video below.



Read about the various vitamins, their functions, and sources etc.

Read a brief biography of Professor Alpar here.


The Rich Tradition: Episode 8 Slovakia


The 8th episode takes Elisabeth Luard to Slovakia, sharing in the celebrations of birth and marriage and the traditions and foods associated with each.

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Claudia Roden


Claudia“She’s magical … she’s a doyenne … she’s the absolute first and last word on Middle Eastern, and indeed on Mediterranean cookery … and I don’t know any of the top chefs who she hasn’t touched.”

So says Allegra McEvedy, herself a top chef, broadcaster and writer. And who is she talking about? Claudia Roden.

In this unique film Claudia Roden talks of her early years in Egypt, leaving the country of her birth after the revolution in the 1950's, and why she started collecting recipes. Also Allegra McEvedy, Claudia's great friend, assesses Claudia's legacy and tells an anecdote that for her sums up Claudia Roden as a person.


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"A ticking bomb"

vivian moses oya alpar

That’s how Professor Oya Alpar, Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutics, University College London, describes the situation with regard to antibiotics. The World Health Organisation warns that antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, including food security.

In this Talking Of Food video, Professor Vivian Moses interviews Professor Alpar on the issue of antibiotics and the food-chain.

Watch the interview here