Tobi, alias Paul Tobias, is our resident food cartoonist.  He started drawing cartoons when he was five. By eight he was drawing on the walls and signing them (the first indication of a high I.Q.). We tried to interview Paul's teachers but they wouldn't return our calls. With artistic talent like that there was only one career path ideal for him — he became a solicitor.

There followed 30 odd (very odd) years as a lawyer practising in the High Street (he could never seem to afford an office) but Paul never let his cartooning fade and in his spare time (of which there was precious little given the Law Practice to run and wife and three children to support) continued drawing with commissions to illustrate books, and free lance publication in the National Dailies (even once having a cartoon accepted by The National Enquirer in America).

Paul has retired from full time practice but continues in the Law as an occasional lecturer and consultant - and yes he's still drawing.

Here's what the critics say:

"Paul is fantastic" His Mom
"Paul's drawings are to art what Marmite is to the Space Programme" Barak Obama
"Who?" David Cameron

See his cartoons in the Cartoon Gallery

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