Fish in the qayside market in San Remo, Italy.The Rich Tradition: Mediterranean seafood

 For the whole of human history in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea has been a major source of food for the peoples round its shores. This remains as true today as ever, in spite of the threats of over-fishing and the introduction of alien species. In this episode, Elisabeth Luard visits Mediterranean ports in Italy and France.

This episode begins with Elisabeth Luard spending time with the crew of a fishing boat in San Remo, in north Italy near the border with France, and sharing their meal of spaghetti with cuttle-fish, tomato and peas, and fried small fish. She then goes to Murano near Venice, where she visits a restaurant to share the staff meal of fresh sardines and salad before being shown how to make the region's favourite dish of Spaghetti alle vongole. The episode ends with Elisabeth in Marseille learning how to make the iconic Bouillabaisse.

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