Decorated eggs prepared for easter celebrations in Palok, Hungary.The Rich Tradition: Lent and Easter

In this last episode of the broadcast series, Elisabeth follows the traditions and foods marking the end of Lent and the festivities of Easter in the Palóc village of Hollók in Northern Hungary.

The Good Friday fasting meal in Hollók a meatless soup made from pinto beans with root vegetables stored through the winter, and sweet noodles with poppy seeds are made from the same dough, and then down on the plains, where the soup is made from fish from the river. Although this episode covers the festival in parts of Hungary, many of the foods, such as sweet breads enriched with egg, fish and ham are common right across Eastern Europe and even into Scandinavia. So to are cultural traditions, like decorating eggs. The episode ends with a brief look back at the places Elisabeth visited during the earlier episodes and a reminder of the highlights. 

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