Fish in the English Market in Cork. The Rich Tradition: Ireland

Ireland is famous for its potatoes, which still form a staple part of the diet. Thanks to the potato. the population of Ireland multiplied rapidly in the early 19th Century, but then came the blight in the mid-century and millions died of starvation. Of those who survived, millions emigrated to the US, most of them sailing from Cork.

Elisabeth's first visit is to the famous "English Market" in Cork buying provisions for a craic in the evening. As a victualling port, the people of Cork made their fortune from salted fish, salted meats and spiced beef, together with butter and eggs preserved in butter, all traditions which are preserved to this day, and can be bought in the "English Market". She then spends time with a man who harvests whelks for export to France, spends time with farmers making butter and cheese. The other important Irish staple is soda bread. After being shown how to make it the traditional way, Elisabeth helps prepare the other dishes for the evening's party.

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