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When a friend told Alec Lobrano about an editorial job at “Women’s Wear Daily” in Paris, he went for it, even though he knew little about fashion. But it took him to Paris, where he had always wanted to live, and in Paris he began to learn about French food …

While in Paris, he turned freelance to write about food, and ended up writing for many of the world’s most prestigious food, drink and travel magazines. Speaking of My Place at the Table he says

My book is really … I decided I wanted to do a summing up, which was how I first became interested in food. And it was why I decided to use food as a metaphor for emotion or the metaphor through which I express myself.

This, my work, is about a certain degree of connoisseurship. I don’t know … there’s always something I can learn. Of course, I learn new things every day in the kitchen and every way, but, I kind of gotten to the top of the mountain, so I thought it’d be time to do a summing up, like a … I call it a coming of age story rather than a memoir.

Alec Lobrano read two extracts from My Place at the Table for Talking of Food.

The Comptesse’s Blanquette de Veau

The best lunch…

My Place at the Table is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 

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