Grace Dent is widely regarded as one of today’s most eminent restaurant and food critics and was 2019 winner of the Guild of Food Writers Award. We have two extracts from her new memoir, Hungry, read by Grace Dent herself.

Grace Dent is restaurant critic for The Guardian newspaper and formerly wrote a restaurant column for the Evening Standard. She is also a regular critic on the BBC’s Masterchef programmes. As well as her career in journalism, she is a prolific author, and appears regularly on TV and radio. She says of her new book, Hungry: A Memoir of Wanting More, published in 2020:

“This is a sort of memoir. It’s about my memories. Other people’s memories of how my life happened may differ.”

In the first extract, she describes her initiation into the world of high-end wines and the sommeliers who dispense them.

In the second extract, she relates her experience of ‘no reservations’ restaurants.

Hungry is published by HarperCollins.

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