Screenwriter, novelist, award winner, journalist, playwright… just a few of the words that describe the literary careers of James and Kay Salter.  They are also responsible for one of the most delightful musings on food in print, Life Is Meals: A Food Lover's Day Book published by Knopf. Whether writing about Peanut Butter, The Sandwich, Samuel Johnson's appetite for good eating or The Siege Of Paris this quirky collection is unequalled in its information, erudition and utter originality. Extracts from the book are read by their son, the actor Theo Salter.

Introduction to Life Is Meals

January 1st: Meals Are Everything

February23rd: Bananas

April 12th: Hot Dogs

April 18th: Brie Poem

May 8th: Victory in Europe

May 16th: Boswell Meets Johnson

May 23rd: Michelin Guide

June 21st: Learned Hand

July 4th: Thomas Jefferson

August 31st: Corn

November 27th: Wishbone

December 31st: New Year's Eve

Read and recorded by Theo Salter in New York

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