What did the "kriegies" do with the produce that arrived in the food parcels? Bohdan Arct listed some of the recipes. As for spam… 

Other videos in this series...

(1) Oberürsel Interrogation Centre

(2) Stalag Luft 1 - Red Cross Parcels

(3) "Belt Up" - German Rations

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A Rainbow Palate: How Chemical Dyes Changed the West's Relationship with Food

If you opened a can of baked beans to discover a brown gloopy sauce containing brown haricot beans, rather than the orange-red sauce and beans you were expecting, what thoughts would run through your head?

Dr Carolyn Cobbold’s research interests are science and food in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She has recorded two extracts from her book A Rainbow Palate: How Chemical Dyes Changed the West’s Relationship with Food for Talking of Food


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Nicholas Culpeper: The Complete Herbal

Not only do many modern medicines have their origins in herbal medicine, more and more people are turning to herbal preparations—with or without also accepting modern drugs, vaccines and medications—and alternative, traditional treatments are popular. At Talking of Food we have our series on Vitamins, so we have decided to look into one of the most celebrated of herbalists, Nicholas Culpeper.