Talking of Food is a magazine website set up by a group of people who love not only food but also the diversity of its culture. It is not bound by ideology or momentary fads but has an open mind towards opposing views. Its contributors are often experts in their field and discuss wide ranging subjects such as antibiotics in the food-chain, the opposing arguments on GM food or the future of food. On a lighter note see how they make noodles in China or follow Elisabeth Luard's classic series on European Peasant Cookery.

The Rich Tradition: Morocco

As a bonus, Talking of Food is proud to present the pilot episode of The Rich Tradition, which has never been broadcast before. In the episode, entitled Home from the Sea, Elisabeth Luard explores the traditional foods and culture of Tangier in Morocco.

The episode starts with the fishing boats returning to harbour and unloading their catch. Elisabeth then joins a fisherman's family to follow the preparation and share their fish tagine. Visits to the market, to the harvesting of olives and seeing how families make their bread and have it baked in the communal oven follow … couscous being made by hand, steamed over a stew of lamb and vegetables forms another family meal. More markets and street food, mint tea … the episode brings out the rich culinary and cultural traditions of Morocco.

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Chef's Table with Reza Mahammad

In this episode of Chef's Table with Reza Mahammad, Reza talks to Ravinder Bhogal, food writer, journalist and owner and chef of Jikoni in Marylebone, London.

New in Movie Clips

New clips from the movies involving food and drink: The Gold Rush; Woman of the Year; The Apartment; Casablanca.

One More Croissant for the Road

Felicity Cloake is an award-winning journalist and author specialising in food and drink, probably best known for her weekly column in the Guardian, How to make the Perfect… In One More Croissant for the Road, her first book to combine food and travel, Felicity crosses the channel for a culinary adventure.

The Drinks Aisle

New in The Drinks Aisle: Paul McCarthy's series on the wines of the Middle East and North Africa continues with the wines of Israel in Part 4.