Talking of Food is a magazine website set up by a group of people who love not only food but also the diversity of its culture. It is not bound by ideology or momentary fads but has an open mind towards opposing views. Its contributors are often experts in their field and discuss wide ranging subjects such as antibiotics in the food-chain, the opposing arguments on GM food or the future of food. On a lighter note see how they make noodles in China or follow Elisabeth Luard's classic series on European Peasant Cookery.

Adam Gopnik and Fergus Henderson

Adam Gopnik, author and writer for The New Yorker magazine, came to London for the UK launch of his new book. He credits Fergus Henderson for unwittingly giving him the title, The Table Comes First, and the two of them met up at St. John Hotel where the conversation ran from subjects as diverse as farting cows and the worrying proliferation of square plates in France...

Adam Gopnik's The Table Comes First is a witty meditation on life and food. It is subtitled Family, France and the Meaning of Food which indeed sums up his conversation with his friend Fergus Henderson. They share their passion for good food peppered with the occasional dry observation on life and its foibles.

Listen to book readings from The Table Comes First read by Jesse Thompson here

The Table Comes First is published in the U.K. by Quercus Publishing.

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Baron Bigod

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