Ella has discovered seaweed. What's her impression so far?

SeaweedSeaweed: possibly one of our most versatile ingredients with many health properties too; helping to aid fat loss and cleanse the digestive system due to its many natural antioxidant properties. Yet, when you consider becoming that little bit healthier – seaweed isn’t really the expected solution is it?!

Despite this, Jamie Oliver raved about it in his latest push to make the nation healthier, saying ‘It’s like dynamite – fibre, nutrients, all the minerals, aids digestion – unbelievable.”  It seems there are no limits to the nutritional benefits of this food!

A little while ago I found seaweed to be a gorgeous alternative to salt with popcorn along with a few spices, as it added a salty flavour but I also tasted an extra, unexpected wholesome and fulfilling taste. However, seaweed doesn’t have to be seen as only a snack food and can instead be sprinkled into a soup, onto bread, used for seasoning vegetables or meat, in salads and even in a traditional crumble! 

For me, definitely worth a try.

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