>Ella's first reaction to the subject of her latest entry, Fermenting, was 'ew'. Did she change her mind?


When I read of this increasingly popular craze, I’m not going to lie, my first thought was ‘ew’.

Fresh, ready to eat beetroot and apples put to the side and left to mould so that all of the carbs they contain can be transformed into bacteria – the good type (of course).

Umm…. No thanks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for expanding the variety of flavours known to my taste buds but the science behind this fermentation craze seemed a little too…. creative?

However, I still decided to continue my research and I have to give whoever has adopted this idea a little more credit as the whole process seems to be much more beneficial - and therefore worthwhile - than I previously thought it to be.

This is because, by soaking your veggies in brine for roughly 10 days they could boost your probiotics level enabling your gut to help fight obesity by absorbing an optimum level of nutrients from your food!

This method also has a big cultural influence too, as in olden India, ‘lassi’ (a fermented yoghurt and fruits drink) was served before dinner and ‘sauerkraut’ (a cabbage dish) was even enjoyed during the times of the Romans.

Pretty inventive!

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