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Write a cookbook in a day? Well, in 2011, "Novel in a Day" was set up by a member of the Scrivener forum and has run annually ever since. This year, it was decided to attempt a non-fiction genre and a cookbook was chosen… After a long delay, there are three more new "stories" to listen to.

Today, we have added three new stories from Cookbook in a Day recorded by their authors. Listen to the recordings here.

The concept of "Novel in a Day" is that all participants write a chapter based on a brief giving a minimum of information on which to base it. On signing up, participants do not know what the genre will be and their brief gives no indication of where their chapter will occur in the finished novel. At midnight UK-time on the appointed day, participants receive their brief and must send their chapter in by 8 p.m. so that the whole can be compiled and published by midnight that same day.

Clearly, for "Cookbook-in-a-Day", it had to be slightly different. Participants had to cook a dish of their choice during the day and, by 8 p.m., send in the recipe accompanied by a couple of photos of the dish together with a "story" related to the dish. The story could be fiction or non-fiction, but it had to have a clear connection to the dish.

The result is great fun. The contributors include published authors, academics, scientists and IT professionals, business people… people from all over the world brought together by their love of food and writing.

From the outset, Talking of Food expressed great interest in the project, and we love the outcome. So we have asked all those who contributed their stories and recipes if they would be willing to record their stories for us and we are delighted to present the recordings we receive.

"Cookbook in a Day" is available for download in PDF, ePUB and MOBI versions.

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