Paul McCarthy's first visit to the Drinks Aisle takes us to the Beaujolais Nouveau shelves. The precise release of Beaujolais Nouveau is mandated by the French government. Under French law, Beaujolais Nouveau is released on the third Thursday of every November at 00:01. This year it was the 19th when the wines became available.

In this opart Paul McCarthy introduces us to wine-making in three countries in the western end of North Africa, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. 

I started to explore the world of wines, beers and spirits when I was 16. The majority of drinks are bought by consumers from supermarkets, to the extent that wine merchants are disappearing from the high street. In The Drinks Aisle, I will take you down a virtual aisle in the drinks area of a supermarket, picking out bottles as we go, giving you my experiences of each as we progress, and hope that our trips down the aisle and the bottles I pick out for review also help you when selecting wines to enjoy with your meals when dining out

Many of us like to explore and sample wines which are not found everyday. We also enjoy the delights of eating the food and savouring the exotic flavours of Middle Eastern and North African countries. Over the next 4 wine reviews, I want to open up a small door for you to go through and explore the rich and varied wines found across the region.