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Record, life-threatning temperatures in Pakistan; record drought in China affecting water supplies, energy and agriculture; severe drought in Europe causing diminished harvests and river levels low enough to hinder important transport; drought in much of England… the list goes on and on. As this year has shown around the world, climate change is upon us. In 2019, before we, the general public, had really begun to grasp the situation, Professor Vivian Moses proposed a series of discussions on climate change and related issues with experts in relevant fields for Talking of Food.

Vivian Moses talked to Ross Reynolds, Associate Professor in the Department of Meteorology at Reading University on how climate change and sea-levels are measured, and to Phil Bicknell, Head of Food & Farming at the National Farmers Union, on how he saw the Future of farming in this country. Sadly, before he could carry on to other discussions he had in mind, Vivian Moses passed away. You can watch the two discussions here:

The Future of Food

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