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In 1972, the Old Gloucester cow was very nearly extinct; according to Charles Martell, there were only 68 left in the world. How could the breed be saved?

The Old Gloucester cow is a beautiful animal. The breed had existed for hundreds of years, but because it is not a ‘specialist’, not bred for milk like the Holstein, nor for beef like the Aberdeen Angus, it had fallen from favour. Charles Martell set out to save the breed, starting with three cows and a bull, using the milk to make cheese. He talked to Paul McCarthy for Talking of Food.

Music by Music_For_Videos from Pixabay

Our thanks to Charles Martell, for the interview and the images and video of his cows, and to Walcot Organic Nursery for permission to use their image of the Stinking Bishop, a.k.a. Moorcroft, perry pear.

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