Lockdown Food - no.1


Lockdown with Helen Garlick 

I am putting this section together during Coronovirus lockdown.

We are looking at food and assembling meals in a different way, disregarding recipe books and using ingredients that that we may have disparaged in the past.

Here are two poems, one about the iceberg lettuce and the other about the humble onion.


Lockdown Food - no.2


War time diaries and recipe books are good reading too, not because we have to cope with shortages but it’s good  for us to remember how much more difficult shopping and cooking was in both World Wars. Also, it's inspiring, now that we need to think twice about making trips to shops,  to see how people concocted meals of what they had to hand...

Read on for extracts from Few Eggs and No Oranges:  The Diaries of Vere Hodgson  1940 – 1945. Published by Persephone Books


Lockdown Food - no.3




Post viral recovery can be a long haul.  We seem to have lost the concept of convalescence, of the need to understand that full recovery from illness can take a period of  time, that needs to be accepted and catered for in every sense. 

Helen Garlick searches her cookery book library for dishes to tempt and nourish invalids and convalescents...