Another (Festive) Glass, Please! Wines for Christmas 2018

The Most Wine-derful Time of the Year

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I make no apology for my love of rare and unusual wines. It is, after all, what I do for a living. There are, however, some real finds to be had on the shelves of supermarkets and chain wine merchants and, at this – let’s face it – expensive time of year, what a coup to put something on the table that is both delicious AND affordable....Read on


Richard Dudley Craig gives us his top 10 High Street picks for Christmas 2018.



Another Glass, Please - no. 5



Have you heard of Tempranillo Blanco? Has anyone? It’s something of a trick question, as before 1988, the answer would have been an emphatic ‘no’.

Richard Dudley Craig gives us the lowdown on this 'delicious mouthful'.

Read on...

The Wasp - Culture Vultures


Sainsbury’s attempt at a Persian inspired dish has been described as ‘casual racism’  and Jamie Oliver has been accused of cultural appropriation over his Jerk rice. This has set up some interesting questions..... (more)


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Ella's Blog 12

Welcome back, Ella!  After a long break due to the demands of school work and exams, our young blogger returns, now based in Paris...




My name is Ella. I’m 19 years old, literature enthusiast, avid traveller, but above all, lover of food.

I started this blog when I was 15 with the intention of sharing stories about the people and traditions surrounding food - a side of the industry which is often hidden behind recipes and cook books - as I find inspiration in the friendships food forms and how a country's culture can be traced through its diet. 

Also what better time to talk about food than now? A time of revolution in both the understanding of food and the importance behind healthy/savvy eating for the body, mind and environment, as well as the blossoming ingenuity of chefs, cooks and writers who bring new life to the word ‘food’ every day. Therefore to me, the word food is full of colour, creativity, and especially community.

I'm fascinated by food's place in both popular culture and the world, and it is this fascination that I would like to share with you in this blog.


Ella is Winner of The Guild of Food Writers 2017 youth award.


Click here to read the Introduction to her new series of blog entries and for earlier entries click the Ella's Blog tag below.