Chef's Table with Reza Mahammad

In this new series, Reza Mahammad talks to prominent figures in the Food and Hospitality industry, particularly about how the industry is being affected on the one hand by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and on the other by Brexit, and how each has been coping with the situation.

Cyrus Todiwala

In this week’s episode of Chef’s Table, Reza catches up with his old friend Cyrus Todiwala in the midst of moving from the iconic building that has been home to the famous Café Spice Namaste for more than 25 years. Lockdown, Brexit and the future of the hospitality industry are topics on the agenda.

The Tanner Brothers

In this first episode of Chef's Table with Reza Mahammad, Reza talks to the Tanner brothers, founders of Tanners Restaurant in Plymouth and owners of Barbican Kitchen in Plymouth and The Kentish Hare in Tunbridge Wells.