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A Cantonese Wedding Banquet: The Year of the Tiger is not considered auspicious for marriage, so in the last days of the Year of the Ox there was a rush of weddings. Lily and Wan Li held their wedding banquet in Guangzhou on 31st January - a magnificent event with a 13 course meal. The dishes are almost always the same and there are hidden, lucky meanings in most of them.

Gulangyu Sessame Cake

Gulangyu Sesame Cakes: The Ye family sesame cakes are a speciality of Gulangyu.

Tieguanyin Tea

Tieguanyin Tea: Liu Shunli's teashop in Xiamen making tea for tasting not drinking.

Breakfast Lady

Breakfast Lady: Every morning throughout Xiamen, you find barrows selling breakfast.

Beijing Snacks

Beijing Snacks: The Chinese are great 'snackers'. Evening street markets offer a huge range of foods.

Xian Jiaozi

Xian Jiaozi: Not only famous for its history, but also for its dumplings.


Oodles of Noodles: Handmade noodles are found on every street corner in China.

Custard on Toast (New)
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