Final Match of the Day!






The last Match of the Day. Nosh for the box on Sunday...


A Dutch friend has set the tone by giving me a collection of 'must have' snacks for the big event:

- Cubes of mature Gouda/Beemster Cheese, with some mustard on the side, and a slice of sweet pickled cucumber on top.
- Herring (pickled or salted) on ryebread, with chopped white onions, and again the sweet pickled cucumber
- Bitterballen - which is a ragout of flour, milk, egg, meat, mushroom, parsley, breaded and deep fried.
- Large home made chips with satay sauce, mayonaise, chopped white onions and red currysauce (if you dare)

Having sampled a few of these last night at De Hems pub in Soho, I confirm that they are the business.  Those chips with all that stuff on them..... well, this is the final!  I can also recommend the bitterballen for something really quite special if you have time.  There are plenty of recipes on the internet but I have yet to try them out.

Other dishes suggested, somewhat ironically, were Boerenkool and Hutspot.  Both sound delicious, a potato and kale mash and a carrot and onion mash respectively.  They are probably not mid-summer dishes, but I found the most passionate recipe that is worth looking at and saving for cooler days here.


Add a  great Spanish tapas to the Dutch snacks..

As a nod to the psychic octopus, here's a simple and delicious way of cooking squid. Serves 8.

  • 2 lbs cleaned squid
  • 1/4 + lb flour
  • 24 – 32 oz Spanish olive oil for frying
  • salt to taste
  • 1 lemon

Wherever and however you buy the squid, they need to be cleaned before cooking. The spines, ink sacks and heads should be discarded. If you are cleaning the squid yourself, don’t throw away the tentacles because those are good to eat, too! Cleaned, frozen squid bodies may also be available and are good to make large calamar rings.

Once the squid is cleaned, dry them thoroughly. Cut the squid bodies into rings.

Pour a half-inch of olive oil into a large open frying pan and put on high heat for frying, but be careful that the oil does not smoke.

Place a couple handfuls of flour and a bit of salt into a large plastic bag. Place a few pieces into the bag and shake to cover with flour. Remove the rings one at a time with your hands and carefully place in the hot oil. Continue to cover pieces in flour and add to the pan. Leave enough room in the pan to turn over pieces if necessary. Fry until the rings turn golden. When done, remove from pan and allow to drain on a paper towel. Serve hot with lemon!

Recommended wine from Richard Craig:

La Basca Uvas Blancas 2008   £58.72 for 12 Marks and Spencer (maybe you can buy less!)

"Vivacious, velvety,voluptuous and virtuous vinous offering made from Verdejo/Viura" said Van Basten!


  • Guest (Shuttles)

    Tradition here that appropriate food is erved while watching rugby: last week por pies, week before scones, bacon butties have figured..etc

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